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Sasha is masterful at creating authentic community and connection and creating experiences that are really fun in the process. I have been amazed by the diversity of participants at her events and at the end of the day, how much we have in common. Humanity brings us together on the transformational journey and Sasha is on to something big!

Rebecca Volinsky


I loved the crowd that attended and felt the exercises really allowed me to get to know everyone in the space really well. I left feeling excited for the new connections made, and also calmer and more grounded from the space.—Dominique Kay, FOUNDER at Mind Body Therapy, Stanford Department of Medicine

Dominique Kay, Stanford Department of Medicine and Founder of Mind, Body, Therapy

I'm a virtual workshop junky so I feel especially qualified to say that the "I hate Small Talk" event was TOTALLY awesome!!! There was a great turnout and wonderful facilitation. I made new friends! I'm so grateful to Sasha for making this magic happen.

Janie Lim, Chief Evangelist Office at

They gathered a great group of people. I felt welcome and cared about by everyone. I am excited by what they are working to create. Authentic relating exercises are something that I am really passionate about, and I'm happy to see them energetically getting more people involved!  

I'm grateful for attending the most recent event last Sunday evening. I definitely walked away with a lot of new insights about myself and where I'm open and where I get stuck. Highly recommend for those who are wanting a fresh perspective on how they communicate and the ways in which we welcome connection or block ourselves from it. Big thanks to Sasha and Corwin for holding space so gracefully and authentically!

Jody Smith, Software Engineer

Jamie Lynn McCoppin, Corporate Coach, Drama Therapist

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